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Virtual Tradeshow with over 20 virtual booths sponsored by the top global companies in the industry with on-demand video, webinars, and live Q&A chat with company representatives and researchers.

Virtual Auditorium with six live keynote speakers and webinars covering:

  • Can AI help radiology reinvent itself in a post-COVID world?
  • How AI can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Enterprise imaging in 2020
  • The challenge of integrating AI with enterprise imaging
  • The future of AI in radiology: From research to the reading room
  • Changing the narrative about AI and radiologist jobs

Virtual Meeting Rooms and Lobby for workshops and interacting with colleagues

Webinars during conference provided by      and others

Agenda - Day 1

10 a.m. EDT -- Can AI help radiology reinvent itself in a post-COVID world?

Dr. Eliot Siegel, University of Maryland, Baltimore VA Medical Center

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced radiology to find new ways to deliver care. How can artificial intelligence (AI) help with the transition? Dr. Eliot Siegel discusses how AI gives radiology the opportunity to reinvent itself in an era of growing consolidation and remote practice.

Dr. Eliot Siegel

  • University of Maryland
  • Baltimore VA Medical Center

11am – 12 pm -- AGFA Webinar Cut through the AI hype by Dr Anjum Ahmed

From AI algorithms working in isolation of your PACS, towards a seamless experience for the radiologist.

Description: In a dedicated session, Dr. Anjum M. Ahmed, Global Chief Medical Officer at Agfa HealthCare, will provide insights in how health organizations can cut through the AI hype and start benefiting from its actual application in radiology.

  • Go beyond the selection of the right AI algorithms;
  • Embed AI effectively into existing workflows;
  • Create a strategic opportunity in radiology to improve clinical confidence and care delivery.

To achieve the benefits of a practical application of AI in radiology, Dr Ahmed will dive into the importance of an Enterprise Imaging strategy that addresses and solves some of the basic fundamental problems before you even bring AI into the mix.

Dr Anjum Ahmed

Noon EDT -- How AI can help fight the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr. Shinjini Kundu, PhD, Johns Hopkins University

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced radiology professionals to scramble to find new tools to help deal with the outbreak. The ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to rapidly analyze large volumes of data makes it an attractive solution to detect, contain, and treat COVID-19, according to Dr. Shinjini Kundu, PhD.

Dr. Shinjini Kundu, PhD

  • Johns Hopkins University

AuntMinnie Virtual Conference Exhibit Hall Break

1pm - 2pm

3 p.m. EDT -- Changing the narrative about AI and radiologist jobs

Dr. Sonia Gupta

Is artificial intelligence (AI) really a threat to radiologists' jobs? It's a belief that's increasingly been discredited within radiology itself, but the myth continues to persist outside the field -- especially among medical students who are picking a specialty. Dr. Sonia Gupta offers solutions for changing the narrative.

Dr. Sonia Gupta

Agenda - Day 2

10 a.m. EDT -- The challenge of integrating AI with enterprise imaging

Michael Cannavo, Image Management Consultants

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology has run smack into another emerging trend -- the growth of enterprise imaging in healthcare. What's the best way to integrate these two increasingly important technologies? Medical imaging consultant Michael Cannavo offers some perspective.

Mike Cannavo

  • Image Management Consultants

11 a.m. EDT -- Scaling data management for machine learning

Travis Richardson, Flywheel

To enable improved outcomes and quality of care and to accelerate AI research, researchers need access to clinical data. However, these data are often large and complex and not ready for machine learning. Streamlining data management and collaboration is key to AI initiatives. Travis Richardson, president and chief operating officer of Flywheel, will discuss how a research-first data platform is the solution to scale clinical research, fuel innovation, and empower your researchers.

Travis Richardson

Noon EDT -- The future of AI in radiology: From research to the reading room

Dr. Curtis Langlotz, PhD, Stanford University

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an incredibly powerful tool for building algorithms that will transform the work of radiologists. Dr. Curtis Langlotz, PhD, will review the origins of AI and its applications to medical imaging, as well as show examples of real-world research that suggest how AI may change the practice of radiology. He will also review key shortcomings and challenges that may limit the application of AI to radiology.

Dr. Curtis Langlotz, PhD

  • Stanford University

AuntMinnie Virtual Conference Exhibit Hall Break

1pm - 2pm

3 p.m. EDT -- Enterprise imaging in 2020

Dr. Cheryl Petersilge, Vidagos Advisors

Healthcare networks are increasingly turning to enterprise imaging to leverage their investment in digital image management and make medical images available to clinicians outside the radiology department. Dr. Cheryl Petersilge examines where the trend toward enterprise imaging stands today.

Dr. Cheryl Petersilge

  • Vidagos Advisors



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